Vendor Highlight: Matthew Victoria of MLB Residential Lending, LLC

vendors Nov 24, 2018

NJREIGroup would like to thank Matthew Victoria of MLB Residential Lending, LLC for being our Community Vendor.

MLB Residential Lending, LLC . is a community-focused mortgage banker, founded under the belief that homeownership is the most viable means to secure a family's financial future. Affordable mortgage financing creates a structure to obtain and retain a HOME, which is a foundation to nurture family values. 

“Buying house, the biggest transaction in most of our lives. Here at MLB, one of the great things that I was taught is that it's all about being personal with your people and understanding the transaction. The mortgage person is probably one of the most important people in the transaction because if the mortgage doesn't happen, then the house doesn't happen. That's a big let down for people. It's not about the company, it's about the person you're dealing with. Are they asking enough questions? Are they getting back to you as your communication good for you. Those are important key elements to look for when you're looking for a mortgage person. Did they talk to me? Can I reach them? Are they understanding? Do they explain things to me? That's one of the things that I try to do with my clients is to give them information. Because you need to know what it is especially for a transaction of this magnitude, you should know what the differences are and what the options are. I take it very seriously when I sit down with somebody. For me it's an interview. I want to find out what exactly your situation is. A lot of people think that they're never going have that phone call, saying you're approved. Well let's have a conversation. Let's look at your details. Put your transaction together and let's help get you home.”

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