Core Component #1 Website

start here Oct 16, 2018

Paul Kim discusses the 1st core components of our Real Estate Community - NJREIGroup Website

“Hi welcome back. In this video I'm going to talk about our core component in our community which is our Web site.

I'm gonna talk about a couple of the components of our website which is - the first one is membership. Now besides a basic membership which you could register with a free account there is a meetup membership and also the premium membership.

For more information you can go and click on the link that you see on top. And the next component is education.

You are going to see a list of courses that are available for you to enroll .

Some of those courses may be included as part of the premium membership. So just go take a look at it and just make sure you read and if you have any questions you can always contact us.

And the next component is the blog. And so if you look at the top if you click on a blog that has a weekly content of relevant tips and we're going to bring that to you via our blog post.

And the next is a events which is comprised of workshops, meet ups as well as webinars and so if you click on the link above you go see the list of all of the upcoming events that are coming up.

And the next component is vendors. If you click on the link that say vendors; these vendors re not randomly picked they're not people that’s randomly chosen but these are vendors that we screen and then we decide that we want them to be affiliated with our community. So I strongly recommend that you take a look at them. Please do your own due diligence as well if you feel you need for your business as well. And the next component is resources. Those are resources that we use and they're available for you. Just be mindful that some of them are affiliate links but some of them aren't, so use them for your business as well.

And lastly once you register online if you look on the upper right hand corner you see a menu icon with your avatar might be a picture if you already have a picture there; if you click on that you'll be able to see my library. And if you click on my library you can go to the resources of all the content that's available for you as a member.

Whether you're a basic member or whether you meet up or a premium member. And also you should see your settings and that on that setting you have the ability to change your email address or change your password as well.

Thank you for watching and watch out for my next video.”


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