vendors Nov 29, 2018

NJREIGroup would like to recognize Peak Private Lending, LLC for being our Community Vendor.

"Peak Private Lending, LLC emerged  back in 1998 from our parent company, Peak Properties, LLC.  Due to our supreme knowledge and experience in the Quick Turn Distressed Real Estate Market we have quickly become a prime source for investors when they need loans for their projects. Especially those investors who do not qualify for loans through the traditional loan applications of other Hard Money Lenders.

Because of our large network and presence, and the increase supply of properties along with the increase of real estate investors needing funding, we have now become a major player in the New Jersey Private Money Hard Lending Business. We are a unique private lender as we are also Private Investors. We know exactly how to structure lending deals that get rejected by other hard money lenders!"

To Contact Glen Gallucci of Peak Private Lending, CLICK HERE

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