REI Focus #29 : Can I Buy This House?

Paul Kim discusses the one thing that you need in order to buy that property.

“Agents and investors will call me up randomly and they found this property online and this house is under foreclosure and they want to know whether they could buy this property. So I had a simple response but I wanted to throw it out here so that everybody is aware.

Whether the property is a short sale or any transaction, in order for you to buy that property, you need to have communication with the homeowner. Because at the end of the day you cannot buy or you cannot do a short sale without the owner’s mutual agreement. So that There has to be a contract and both of you have to sign the contract. So I talked about five ways to locate home owners of vacant homes. You can utilize those find five ways for looking into to locate the homeowner (see below for the episode on 5 Ways To Locate Homeowners of Vacant Homes). Very Short but I hope that was helpful. So if there's any other questions that you guys have that you want answered, write your comments below or you questions and I would love to answer. In the meantime take action and crush it.”

REI Focus #26 : 5 Ways To Locate Homeowners of Vacant Homes
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