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REI Focus #21 : Why I Declined 2 Short Sales

 Paul Kim discusses why he had to declined two short sales.

“Today I want to talk to you about, I actually had to decline, not decline but rather made a decision to not proceed to do a short sale. In my last episode I talked about FHA mortgage. So I had two homeowners that called me.

The first one, she bought this house, got into a bad situation and she had to move out. And she had to rent out the property. And once I got authorization to speak to the bank on her behalf, found out...

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REI Focus #20 : 4 Points To Consider For An FHA Short Sale

In this video, I'm going to talk about four things that you need to know if you're going to do a short sale on an FHA mortgage. Stay tuned.

Even before we talk about doing a short sale on an FHA mortgage, you have to understand that the homeowner has to qualify. They have to go through a loan modification process on an FHA mortgage before they even go to the short sale process. So if they qualify for the loan modification, they cannot do a short sale. So in order for them to do a short sale...

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REI Focus #14 : Foreclosure and Short Sale Market Update (New Jersey)

In this video, Paul Kim goes over three things that are going on in relation to the Foreclosure and Short Sale market in New Jersey.

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REI Focus #2 : One Thing You Must Do for a Short Sale

In this video, Paul Kim from New Jersey Real Estate Investors Group share one critical thing you must do before you start working on a short sale.

Note: REI Focus was formerly called "Killer Tip of the Week"

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