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We are a community of Real Estate Investors striving to make it in the business of real estate.

In 2011, Glen Gallucci and Paul Kim created a real estate community (www.meetup.com/njreigroup) to educate, inspire and support independent real estate investors, specifically wholesalers and rehabbers.

Whether you are a new aspiring investor or a seasoned investor, you’ve come to the right place.

About Glen Gallucci


Glen Gallucci and his company Peak Properties, LLC  actively buys, rehabs and sells residential properties. He has invested, renovated and built numerous residential and commercial projects during his 30-year career. A well diversified businessman, as well as being an in demand speaker; Glen is also engaged in real estate education. From the trenches, and with his down to earth “tell it like it is” format, his business experience proves invaluable for the beginner as well as the seasoned investor regarding the successful structure of starting a wholesale or rehabbing business as well as securing private lenders.
Glen provides the solutions to the all too common “what if” syndrome, procrastination, poor motivation as well as how to focus in your niche and deal with our different personalities. Glen knows how to help investors break out of their fears and get them to take action. He shows investors that they are not alone and where and how to easily build the professional network needed to succeed. It was best said by one of his students; “his easy going and charismatic personality makes learning exciting and motivating.” Simply put, Glen knocks the fear out of investing in real estate with mind blowing and explosive techniques to give investors the confidence to take action that produces sledge hammer results.

About Paul Kim (Read the full story)

Paul Kim is a husband, father of three adorable kids, an entrepreneur and real estate investor with a passion to help people. He is a living example that if you set your mind on pursuing your goals, you can achieve!

Prior to becoming a full-time investor, Paul graduated from Rutgers Law School and worked as an attorney. He got his start in real estate by working as a mortgage consultant and investing in real estate part-time. In 2008, he pulled the trigger and decided to work real estate full-time. Since then, Paul along with Segis Group, LLC has completed hundreds of real estate transactions. Since 2008, Paul has successfully assisted homeowners, investors, agents and attorneys to navigate their way through the foreclosure process, more particularly short sales.


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